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Kdp Engineers incorporates a vast collection ranging from corrugated cardboard products to wooden pallets that meet the requisite functional expectations and makes the shipping effortless. We are accredited to UKAS management system and certified EPAL Euro pallet manufacturer. We manufacture wooden pallets as per ISMP15 which guarantee the optimum quality pallets. We hold a great reputation in manufacturing and supplying wooden pallets and wooden packaging products across the country as all our products undergo several phases of treatments.

We have heat treatment facility. All wooden products go through heat treatments, anti-fungal, anti-borer treatment and advanced chemical treatments that enhance functional durability; prevent them from decaying by fungus, borers and termites. We at Kdp Engineers never compromise on quality. We provide professional, efficient service that exceeds expectation in quality, delivery and cost.

Quality Standard

We are an ISO: 9001:2008 certified company delivering products complying with industrial standards. Our progressive and perfectionist attitude set us apart from others. We ensure that the treatment followed and the materials used, are the best and meet international requirements. We work out finely on every minute detail and also, we are affiliated to Intertek (UK) ensuring world-class manufacturing methodology. Our wooden pallets are manufactured are as per EPAL specifications, which guarantees the highest quality standard for pallets throughout the world.

We help customers manage their goods most efficiently through our in-house logistics and transportation service. We are one of the major Timber Importers in India, our premium quality products are well known for their durability and reliability.

5 Decades of expertise & still counting

Annual production of over 1400000 Pallets

Highly qualified staff and over 200+ skilled labours

Land plot area of 6+ Acres across multiple locations

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